eHarmony UK Review 2023

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  • ❤️ Many free features
  • ❤️ Good personality test
  • ❤️ Popular in UK


  • Launched in the year 2000
  • Owned by Nucom e-commerce (a joint venture of German mass media company)
  • Founded by Neil Clark Warren and Greg Forgatch.
  • Free account features include free trials, personality tests, and profile matches.
  • The site is best suited for serious and determined users.

Unique features of eharmony

  • Requirement of a personality test.
  • Use of algorithm to match people with similar traits and values.
  • Users’ behavioral data check for matching compatibility
  • Offers same-sex matches
  • Video dating.

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A modern dating site

eHarmony is a modern dating site on which you can set up your account in four simple steps:

  1. It starts with a compatibility quiz to help you get a quality connection based on the core features of your personality.
  2. It then lets you answer some more basic stuff about yourself to help narrow down your matches.
  3. You can review the profiles of all those people and pick the perfect match for yourself.
  4. Once you’ve done all that and are satisfied with how the site works, you can pick a subscription offer.

It has an extensive member base equally split between genders, allowing you to find your perfect match easily. It has a high rate of marriages and long-term relationships, and the personality compatibility testing system is up to the mark, ensuring there are no fake profiles.

Furthermore, this platform has a user-friendly mobile app offering a great user experience with a straightforward updating of your profile, viewing your matches, and communicating with others. It also has a significantly minimal number of ads and pop-ups.

Registration process

Once you sign up using your email address or through your Facebook profile, then comes a personality quiz, after which there is a final step of uploading your profile picture.

According to an estimate, about 20% of the eHarmony applications are rejected because of age limit violations and inconsistent answers. Many were denied because they were already married. This sincere effort to exclude people from the site who are not interested in a serious relationship is the reason for their success. It focuses on quality over quantity.

The outlook of the profiles

It shows detailed characteristics in the ‘about me’ section, including intellect, social values, accommodation, e.t.c. Profiles are only visible to the people you are matched with.

Matchmaking algorithms

Suppose you’ve decided to sign up for online dating. In that case, you should consider spending some time answering these questions instead of just simply signing in with an existing social media account and writing a quick bio. That will not help with matchmaking at all.

eHarmony uses sophisticated algorithms to help perfect matchmaking, but it won’t be possible for the algorithm to work its magic if you are not serious about answering those questions.

Moreover, eHarmony invests a lot in updated technology. Consequently, this platform has often been ranked one of the best dating online sites. Although the questionnaire may be lengthy, they are just some basic questions about your height, gender, age, whether you drink, smoke, what’s your religion? What are your hobbies, likes, and dislikes? It also asks for some demographic preferences. After this basic personality test, it asks you some questions which may sound silly but will become evident to you why they are essential.

eHarmony cost

eHarmony is a little expensive compared to other dating sites, but it is worth it. The budget generated from the pricing goes to investing in better technology. It also considers the psychological factor that people take the things they’ve invested in pretty seriously. So having paid a reasonable subscription fee, people are more likely to show genuine interest, and those looking for some leisure time activity and are not serious are filtered out.

Complaints about eHarmony UK

The most common complaint about this site is that it does not allow users to search for perfect matches themselves. It isn’t very reassuring for some users because they do not appreciate just following something an algorithm has matched for them or that the site has picked for them. Many want the option of checking for profiles on their own. Nonetheless, if you wish to search for potential dates on your own, then eHarmony may not be the best choice for you.

The second most common complaint is about its pricing. As mentioned above, the platform is a little expensive, which is not affordable for many users. Some people also don’t like its detailed questionnaires. Lastly, the site’s matching capabilities are the talk of the town, but some users have experienced ill-matched options and have ended up being supremely disappointed.

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It’s a perfect site for serious users who are willing to invest some time and money in finding their ideal match without wasting their time on non-serious people.