15 Things To Know About Speed Dating in the UK 2023

What is Speed Dating

There is no denying that opening yourself to love is not easy. However, speed dating provides countless opportunities and new experiences that you do not want to miss out on. Speed dating is a relatively new phenomenon that is changing the way we find love.

A rabbi helped create the concept to encourage Jewish men and women to marry. Rabbi Yaacov Deyo even hosted a speed dating event in Los Angeles back in 1998 and the concept caught on in North America and spread to Europe. There are even popular movies and shows about speed dating. The idea behind speed dating is quite simple. You get to connect with men or women of the desired age range for a chance to find the one.

What’s there to lose?

With plenty of dating apps and sites here to help you out, the following tips will help you have the best experience. Here are some of our suggestions that guarantee a fun time.

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Utilize the app


If you have created an account, you need to use the app or site to find someone.

Learn as much as possible

Indulge in conversation and get to learn as much as possible about each single.

Focus on one person at a time


Try to focus on one person at a time and forget about the impression that you are making to feel comfortable.

Be genuinely interested

Be genuinely interested in the person you talk to and they will be just as interested in you.

Keep things light


Keep things light and do not take anything personally as the two of you are just having a fun time together.

Be open-minded

Be open-minded as anything can happen. Some people have a set of questions that they are interested in asking, whereas, others like to keep things natural. However, the secret to speed dating success is sticking to light topics.

Be yourself

Be Yourself

Always be yourself throughout your speed dating experience. You do not need to wow anyone with someone else’s humour. Being yourself is more than enough.

Do not judge

Make sure that you offer positive remarks as there is no need to get critical. Avoid making unnecessary comments. When you appreciate someone, you will have an easier time finding someone.

Just go for it


When someone likes you, they will make a move. But, it does not mean that you should not make a move yourself. If you fancy someone, you should go for it.

Take your time

Avoid making any snap decision as you would only come to regret it later on. Take your time to a clear idea about the other person. You must give each person some time to think and relax. Hence, you should not rush through things even though you might think that is what speed dating is about.

Do not drink too much


To remain clear-headed, you will need to stay away from alcohol or drink as little as possible to know how you feel rather than being on influence. Besides, there is not much that you can do to make a good first impression.

Quality rather than quantity

Do not do any math as it is not how it works with speed dating. You must understand that it is about quality rather than quantity. A single good date is much better than 10 horrible ones.

Avoid overthinking


To avoid overthinking where to go for a date, you should stick to a café. Enjoy a coffee with the other person and find out if they are the right match for you.

Do not give up

If the person you like does not like you back, you should not give up as it is likely to be a blessing in disguise. Besides, you deserve someone who truly appreciates you for who you are.

Follow up


Make sure to follow up with the matches to see what the future holds for you.

That’s about it. Give speed dating a try without caring about what others think.